The bitter winter of 2013-14 continued unabated last week as successive fronts brought ice and snow to Logan County and, once again, forced schools to close for at least one day. Temperatures struggled to breach 35 degrees on the high side and the lows were in the 20s.

For the most part, drivers successfully navigated sleet or snow covered roadways last week. The Logan County Sheriff’s Department reported seven calls reporting vehicles off road surfaces on Highways 10 and 23 last Friday and early Saturday after a two-inch snow.

Most people who are ready for an end to winter, will do cartwheels over the forecast for the remainder of the week because an extended warm up is coming.

Highs for the remainder of this week will move into the 40s today, into the 50s Thursday and Friday and into the 60s over the weekend.

The last time Paris had a high temperature over 40 degrees was Feb. 1 when the high was 56. Lows for the remainder of the week will climb from the upper 20s to the 40s this weekend.

The warming trend will continue early next week with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s or upper 30s.

There is a slight chance of rain Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Otherwise, it will be dry.

That should allow Paris street crews and the county’s road department to work on streets and roads stressed by the freeze and thaw pattern this winter.

"We’ve got more potholes now than normal for this time of year," Paris Street Department supervisor Larry Robberson said early this week. "It’s because of the freeze and thaw cycle we’ve been seeing a lot. We’ve been patching potholes as we can but you can’t do that when they’re wet or frozen."

Logan County Judge Gus Young said the full extent of weather damage to county dirt roads has yet to be determined.

"We won’t be able to see it until the roads thaw," Young said. "I’ve already seen damage to paved roads in the form of potholes."

As for what a thaw might reveal, Young said "I’m afraid we’ll see more soft spots in dirt roads and more pot holes in paved roads. We’ll get to them as soon as we can."

Young added that the cost of repairing roads after winter’s damage has yet to be determined.