I asked a Democrat the other day what their problem was in keeping the true facts separated from fake news; was it ignorance or apathy? He just gave me a hard look and replied, “I don’t know and I don’t care.” Psychologists teach that a philosophy is easily believed if it agrees with their biased opinions; also a critical remark is easily believed about President Trump if they already hate him.

In the late '50s I was taught by Muldrow civics teacher, Mr. D.K. Swon, that we should evaluate all statements by first proving it to be a true statement. The teachers would not let us copy off another’s test answers, so why do so many today copy their belief from another. We were taught to stand as an individual and to know what and why we stand for certain things. If we don’t stand for truth we will fall for the sweetest lie. Nobody should vote who believes an ostrich sticks their head in the sand when they become afraid or that lemmings run off cliffs to commit suicide. I’m not interested in studying any religious denomination because I’m too busy studying the Bible. I’m not interested in studying a political party’s platform, strategy and goals; I’m too busy studying the Constitution.

I know what I believe about Christ and why I believe it. A man may have challenged me to study and pray about something but I do not put my faith in another man’s teachings. I know why I voted for Donald Trump. One reason is he’ll point out the enemies of America and explain their evil agenda, and I can see very clearly the hatred, lies, criticism and even vulgarity many have for Trump, our Constitution, Christianity and capitalism.