To the Editor:

The First Christian Church of Paris has done it again. They have reminded us why we have earned the right to be proud of America and proud to be an American.

Did you hear the bells on 9-11-2013? The church bells chimed for two minutes for each plane that crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania reminding us of one of our country’s darkest days on 9-11-2001. Before that fateful day, we were a confident Christian country, strong in our faith and our values. We knew our destiny and our leaders met their responsibilities.

Look at our country and our leaders today. Economically we are in shambles. Our unelected IRS civil "servants" have been given the power to destroy the future of our people, one person at a time. The paranoia of the individuals hired to protect us in the NSA has been expanded to intrude into each and every citizen’s daily live. Yet, our leaders do not have the political will to acknowledge the truth of the careless sacrifice of our own representatives in Benghazi.

So many of our officials, who were elected to represent what "we the people" believe is in our best interest and future, have spent the past 12 years bickering, flip-flopping on issues, twisting words, being politically correct and morally bankrupt, and adding to the turmoil around the world then pulling out when it’s politically tough (with the wasted sacrifice of thousands of our own military lives and futures). The world continues to stare in amazement and disgust as we crumble from within.

We so need to get our own house and faith in order here in our own American homeland and return our country to its greatness, before our political "leaders" reach out to any other part of the world and force them to deal with the chaos we contribute and/or create.

God, please bless America and our people who care.

Thank you, First Christian Church.

Lee Lane