To the Editor:

To the Mayor of Paris, City Council and city residents.

Don’t forget we need each other. It takes a village and all that. You need to realize that as a small town you do need people who live outside the city limits.

You need us to live out of town because there is no place for all of us in the city limits. Just think how crowded it would be for us all to come to the city for city benefits. You need us to work in your businesses, to shop in your stores, come to your festivals, attend your schools and buy your water.

On the other hand, we need your local jobs and a place to buy the services we need lest we cross the river or go to Dardanelle or Fort Smith.

The water rate situation is one where you charge the out of town users five to six times what the in-town users pay. Now, you want to charge another one cent sales tax so that you can eliminate your in-town sanitation fees.

My office doesn’t have a separate fee for those live in or out of town. When I go to Walmart or CV’s, they don’t ask where I live and charge accordingly. When I go to an attorney, to the florist, beauty shop or the local restaurants, they don’t have in-town vs. out-of-town rates.

I am just reminding you not to keep pushing the large water bills on out of city users as you need us to buy your water and fill your jobs, use your services and shop at your businesses.

I appreciate both in town and out of town clients. And, I use the same fee schedule for both. What makes your water so different?

Doris Davis