To the Editor:

The ladies of Southside Baptist Church in Paris would like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone involved in helping us make the annual Christian Women’s Salad Supper a success.

We especially want to thank the Assembly of God Church for allowing us to use their facilities for the supper. We would also like to thank the following businesses for their support with the door prizes we gave out: Walmart, CV’s, El Parian, Scott’s on the Square, Rogers Family Restaurant, Outpost in Subiaco, The Grapevine, Dari Delite, Alicia Sheffield with Infinity Salon, Sikes Feed Mill, Elmer’s P and E, Sabrina’s on the square,Castle Graphics, Gorrell’s Feed Mill, NAPA, Logan County Co-Op, Air Evac, 4-Way in Scranton, McDonald’s, Ahne Service Station and Hardwicke’s. Please forgive us if we accidently left someone off because we appreciated each and everyone that gave.

Our church members would also love to thank Brenda Sewell and her whole family for the hard work and dedication she put into getting everything together for this event. Without all of them, we could not have done it.

The ladies of Southside Baptist Church

To the Editor:

I would like to begin by saying thank you for running the article about my son Zachary Seamans being picked up by the Blue Angels a few months back.

Now I have something to say that is not as palatable.

This entire episode started a few days before I become involved in the events that brought me to pen this letter.

Outside of Paris to the west was a yard sale that my daughter stopped at. She looked around and bought a couple of sacks of clothes at a very good price — a dollar for a used Wal-Mart bag full. She then looked through the household nick nacks, small tools, electronics and various small items.

A few days later, she came to my house and we went to Paris on an outing. On our way back out of town, we stopped together at the same yard sale. She had told me of the good price for clothes. It is always nice to find a great deal.

We pulled into the yard and got out of the car. Another customer-friend was standing in the yard with the homeowner involved in an in-depth discussion about God and the way things would or should be done in accordance with that way of life.

I went straight to the clothing and began my search for my bounty.

After a little while the customer-friend left and we were ready to pay and leave.

My daughter pulled my attention to a beautiful item that I also felt was very reasonable priced, so I bought it also. I saw a camera and picture printer for sale and asked the price, I was told $25. I then asked specifically does it work good. "Oh yes," the God-fearing man replied. We paid and left.

We are now at home with a printer that will only print half of the picture. Is this how God-fearing people conduct themselves? I should hope not. If so, we are in a lot of trouble.

Oh, and by the way, the day my daughter went by, he wanted $50 for the set up, instead of the $25 I gave him for it.

Tina Underwood