As the Paris Eagles football team gathered for media day on Saturday, they have a new leader in Head Coach Tyler Clark and an offensive system much different than years past.

Clark knows how to win, and wears his State Championship ring with pride, and also as a reminder to his athletes of what hard work can do. Clark was an assistant on the Warren team that won it all a few years back and brings in a proven offensive system.

No matter the system, though, you have to have the players.

Paris is settling in on starting positions, but the strength of the offense looks to the offensive line that features two sophomores who moved up and saw significant playing time a year ago. The difficult part of the process is making the offense fluid and learning the decision making that goes into each play. Clark has already communicated with the underclassmen and boys club ranks to help build a program from the youngest players.

Clark said it takes time to install an offense, and they will show improvement all year. A lot goes into the decision making process both before and during the play. As players acclimate to the system, it will become more natural.

Defensively, there will likely be a lot of two-way athletes that will have their hands full with numerous high powered offenses in the conference.

The Eagles have emphasized the need to work hard and get in tremendous shape to prepare for the season. Players and coaches are optimistic that the season will show the results of the work put in over the summer. With Clark coming to the program much later than preferred for transition, the buy-in of the players is important.

This Eagle team should show the promise of a rejuvenated program and consistent progress as they continue to develop under Clark’s leadership.