Head Coach Jordan Devine and the Lady Eagles volleyball program are ready for the new season. They have a rich roster of talent and displayed the potential last Friday night in the annual scrimmage and alumni game.

Devine wanted the rosters to be as even as possible, and that was just how the evening went. While senior outside hitter Ryleigh Hardwicke was pounding the court regularly, she also met up with some stiff defense. Same for the Blue Team outside hitter, Joni Inman. There were several great digs and not just lopsided power play from the outside. The defense was on point, and the rotation looked strong on both sides. In fact, the split squads would likely compete for the top spot in the conference.

That is now behind them, and the team is one.

They will see their first test in the 3A Showcase on Saturday at Harding Academy. They will play one set against five of the top schools in the classification from across the state. The first game for Paris will be at 1:45 p.m. and their third rotation will see them play familiar state tournament opponent Hoxie. It will be a chance for the new squad to grow and learn while facing many of the best teams in the state.

If they play at their potential, look for the Lady Eagles to continue making waves through the season and into the state tournament, which they will once again host in 2018.