Coach Tyler Clark and the Paris Eagles had to wait a few more days to get their opportunity to face an opponent other than themselves.

Clarksville was kind enough to allow Paris to host the jamboree with Johnson County Westside and Subiaco Academy on their turf field last Thursday night. At kickoff, it was very hot and humid, with Westside facing the Trojans in the first segment.

Teams would play a 24-minute running clock, and that was enough time both to test the fitness of the teams and allow them to see players in action on both sides of the ball. Westside was simply outmanned, going backward on offense and allowing Subiaco to score twice rushing around the edge. Subiaco easily handled their first session, shutting out Westside.

Paris would then take the field against Westside and the onslaught would continue.

The first possession saw Blaise Woods pummel the middle of the field, taking it in for the score in large chunks. On the second possession, Paris had a very long passing score called back, but fans were able to see the speed of Keller Keen, as he blew past the defense untouched before the long walk back on the penalty.

It only took one more play, and Eli Fore hit the second level and blew past the linebackers into an open secondary for the score.

Paris tacked on another score and rotated players on both sides of the ball. That set up the matchup that most wanted to see, watching the two local schools go head to head. Weather was moving in as the final session began, but it looked as though they would be able to get the full session in.

Paris changed up their attack, this time going to the air.

After both errant and dropped passes, they gave the ball to Subiaco Academy, who busted a long run on an inside misdirection play run to perfection. Paris was caught sleeping and Subiaco went on the board.

The next possession was no better for the Eagles, as they gave the Trojans a short field on a fumble. Subiaco moved the ball close, but this time the Eagle defense was ready and held on a fourth and short.

Backed up to their own goal line, it was back to the ground game.

Paris methodically moved down the field, primarily on the ground, with quarterback George Poole leading the way. Paris drove all the way down inside the Subiaco 20, and with just over six minutes to play, the lightning was too close to continue. The game was called with Subiaco leading 6-0.

The positives for Paris were plentiful, with the offense able to run the ball with multiple players. If they can connect in the passing game, it should open up more lanes for them going forward.

Defensively, Luke Trusty recorded multiple sacks from the defensive end slot and added on numerous tackles. Outside of the busted play that resulted in a score, the defense held their own at the line of scrimmage. Kong Yang is putting the ball through the uprights, hitting all three of his extra points, something the other teams were unable to do.

Paris will host Perryville in their season opener on Friday at 7 p.m.