Loud and rowdy, Paris is home to something special.

If you follow the Lady Eagle Volleyball team, you can’t miss the rowdy student section that takes over the southeast corner of the gym. Dressed in all kinds of crazy outfits, and with simple props that align with the ridiculous AAA rules for fans, this completely student-led group creates cheers and antics that are a highlight of the home court advantage in Paris. Travel the state, you will not find another student section like it for volleyball.

Occasionally, because the defending champion Lady Eagles are in town, schools will try to organize one for that game, but none come close to the energy and excitement in Paris.

Senior Landen Forbis and Junior Luke Trusty keep the nights rolling, with Forbis leading the crowd of students on the rollercoaster as they enter the final set. Their sketches include everything from remakes of football scenes to the Olympic sport of curling. Just last week, with the Lady Eagles finishing off an opponent, a visiting coach had to regain the attention of her team in the huddle because they were all watching the student section during a break.

If there is a kill on the court, everyone in the gym will know shortly. When the front line throws a ball back with a hard block, it will be recognized with another chant. Shortly after the game, the coaches and players often join the students for one last chant before the night is over. While most complain that students do not want to be involved and that school spirit everywhere is dead, Paris is working to change that culture. A visiting administrator recently leaned back to talk to one of his parents in attendance and stated, “This is how you build a program and culture.”

What is even better for the Lady Eagles, they will be hosting the State Tournament this year as the Lady Eagles look to win their fourth consecutive state title. Advantage Eagles.