Abbot Jerome Kodell, the leader of the Benedictine monks living at Subiaco Abbey, opened this year’s Activities Banquet at Subiaco Academy on the evening of May 11.

Academyh Headmaster Rob Loia welcomed parents, students, and friends, while members of the staff presented awards in the following sports and activities.

Awards presented and the winners are:

Varsity Quiz Bowl: Jameson Hall, Jacob Maestri, Matthew Tran.

Junior Varsity Quiz Bowl: Axel Ntamatungiro and Adam Musgrove.

Soccer: David Kim (Forward of the Year), Junwoo Chang (Midfielder of the Year), Chris Myers (Defender of the Year), Jaeyong Oh (Best Newcomer), A. J. Winterberg (Most Improved), Seok Young Kim (Most Valuable Player), Daniel Dunham (Ironman Award).

Baseball: Aaron Flake (All Conference), Kamron Hurst (Defensive Player of the Year), David Johnson (Offensive Player of the Year), Cy Young, Seth Drewry.

Basketball (Varsity): Cash Kreuger (All Conference and Leading Rebounder), Christ Reed (All Conference and Leading Assist), Kamron Hurst (Best Defense and Highest Free Throw), Eric Siebenmorgen (Leadership Award).

Basketball (Junior High): Joseph Blaschke (Defensive Award), Dominic Hackman (Offensive Award), Alex Walker and Jakob Bergen (Most Improved).

Tennis (Varsity): Patrick Leavey (All Conference, All State and Leadership), Jack Moser and Beau Lacerte (All Conference and All State), Jacl LeBas (Endurance Award).

Tennis (Junior High): Andrew Eveld (No. 1 Team Ranking), Austin Davis and Anthony Andrepont (Hardest Worker), Liam Johnson, Tiangang Huang and Spencer Penton (Most Improved).

Golf: Mason Goodson (Outstanding Golfer).

Football (Senior High): Luca Koch (Brandon Burlsworth Award). Greg Kelley (Trojan Award), Cody Eveld (Off-Season Iron-Man Award), Julius Lewis (Most Improved), Mike VanGasbeek (4AAAA – All Conference, Defensive Lineman of the Year), Christian Lowery and Kelly Hollis (Defensive Players of the Year), Joseph Boltuc (Offensive Lineman of the Year), Austin Breed (4AAAA – All Conference, Offensive Player of the Year).

Football (Junior High): Matthew Post (Trojan Award), Mitchell Berry (Off-Season Iron-Man Award), Joseph Blaschke and Christian Kaufman (Most Improved), Jarrod Brown (Offensive Lineman of the Year), James Wells (Defensive Lineman of the Year), Toby Schluterman (Offensive Player of the Year), Joseph Hart (Defensive Player of the Year and MVP).

Track: Joe Hart (Ironman Award), James Wells (Trojan Spirit Award), Jakob Halter (High Point Award). Br. Henry Service Award Robert Teahan Kim. Br. Louis Toughness Award Eli Schluterman.