Coming back from a mediocre third quarter showing, the Paris Eagles pumped in 23-points in the final eight minutes of the game to hold off the Booneville Bearcats for a 67-52 win, their first of the season.

The Eagles had ample opportunities throughout the game with trips to the free throw line; however, they shot a pitiful 47 percent from the charity stripe but fortunately were able to knock down enough field goals to capture their first win of the season.

Both teams came out playing a quick paced game in the opening eight minutes with the Eagles getting the better of the Bearcats by taking a 13–10 lead.

Led by Ryan Hatcher with seven points in the second quarter, the Eagles doubled up on the Bearcats by scoring 18-points and holding the Cats to only nine points.

Paris struggled in the third quarter and managed to score only 13 points while Dakota Owens knocked down 4 three pointers to lead the Cats to a 17-point quarter to cut Paris led to only eight going into the final eight minutes of play.

The Eagles went to the free throw line for 15 attempts in the fourth quarter but managed to hit only six of those. Fortunately they knocked down seven field goals including three 3 pointers adding 23 points to their total while holding the Cats to only 16 to preserve the 15-point win.

PHS 13 18 13 23 - 67

BHS 10 9 17 16 - 52

PHS—Buchanan 11, Fitzjurls 16, Hutson 8, Nehus 12, Rice 2, Forbis 2, Hatcher 13, Owens 3, Ramos 1

BHS—Owens 17, Herrrera 13, Krepps 11, Thompson 1, Jones 2, Lorera 2, Carter 6