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Going Mobile with the Razorbacks

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Beginning with the upcoming 2020-21 competitive year, Razorback Athletic events in all sports will switch exclusively to mobile only ticketing. Mobile ticketing will be utilized for all season tickets, mini-plans as well as single event tickets.

Fans will enter Razorback events by using a smartphone to scan digital tickets to gain entry to events. The switch to mobile only ticketing will provide an easy to use system that increases flexibility and options for fans, including the ability to transfer tickets digitally, enhances fan and staff safety protocols by minimizing interaction at gates while also enabling fans to receive real-time updates on changes to dates and times of events

“Based on the successful launch of a mobile ticketing option for single games and the implementation of self-scanning gate entry in recent seasons, we are expanding the use of mobile ticketing for Razorback events in each of our sports,” Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Hunter Yurachek said. “Whether it is transferring tickets to family or friends, getting the latest update on gameday changes or self-scanning themselves into the event, our fans now can manage their tickets, at their convenience, by utilizing their smart phones. No longer do fans need to worry about forgetting tickets at home or in the car. With mobile ticketing, our fans literally have all of the gameday options they need right in the palm of their hand.”

In addition to the other advantages of mobile ticketing, the implementation of the system will enable Razorback Athletics to re-invest $180,000 in savings for the continued benefit of 465+ Razorback student-athletes competing in 19 sports.

Why are we making this change?

1. Safety

o Digital tickets allow for paperless entry and eliminates contact between fans and gate entry staff

o Provide heightened security against counterfeit and stolen tickets

2. Flexibility

o With so many unknowns in our world due to the pandemic, digital tickets will allow for real-time changes to event dates, times, etc. (if needed)

o This will also allow fans to easily transfer tickets digitally to friends or family without the need for shipping or swapping physical tickets in-person

3. Ease of Use & Peace of Mind

o Your tickets are always with you (you can't lose them!)

o Mobile tickets helps eliminate fraud

o Transfer your tickets any time via your online account

4. Fiscal Responsibility

o During these challenging times, it's important to prioritize our resources to maintain the experience of our 465+ student-athletes. This change will allow us to reinvest more than $150,000 for the continued benefit of Razorback student-athletes

How will it work?

The process to receive and access your mobile ticket will be very simple. You will receive an email letting you know your digital tickets have arrived. Inside the email you will be able to click a link to access the digital tickets, where you can then "add to Wallet" so that they're easily accessible from your mobile device.

In the coming weeks we will provide detailed step-by-step information and tutorials on the new processes. For more information, please contact your personal Ticket Office Customer Service representative directly or call the Razorback Ticket Center at 479-575-5151.

Can I still use the "Print at Home" PDF ticket option?

PDF "print at home" tickets will no longer be available. The only way to gain entry to the venue will be through the mobile ticket.

How can I manage the tickets that I have on my account?

Tickets can be managed through your online Razorback Ticket Center account by logging in on

When will tickets be available on my account?

Tickets will not be viewable on your account until closer to the start of the fall season. A formal announcement will be sent to season ticket holders with the exact date and time their tickets will be available online.

Can I have multiple tickets on the same mobile device?

Yes, you can access all of the tickets on your account via your smartphone. If you choose, you can also individually transfer tickets to others who will need them on their device.

Will someone be available to assist me if I have issues?

Yes, along with several educational tutorials and step-by-step instructions, our staff will be able to assist with any technical difficulties.

Will parking passes still be printed and distributed?

Yes. Parking passes will continue to be printed and mailed to fans who qualify.